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Appliance Repair Gloucester

About Us

When it comes to home appliances, we are masters in their services. When it comes to the needs of our customers in Gloucester, Ontario, the time of our response is fast. All local residents can trust the work of our pros from Appliance Repair Gloucester.About Us

What we fix includes:

  • Kitchen and laundry home appliances
  • Gas and electric units
  • Regular and compact appliances
  • All-in-one washers & dryers
  • Fridges & freezers

A wide range of services involves:

  • Fixing sudden problems

Overflowing dishwasher? The washer won’t drain? The dryer stopped working? Call us and rely on the fast response and expertise of our appliance technicians. Such problems occur when appliance parts break. And it is our job to find which ones are defected in order to replace them. With expert troubleshooting skills and fully equipped trucks, our pros do the required appliance repair service on the spot.

  • Replacing parts

But our Gloucester Appliance Repair team can also replace worn parts any other time. You don’t have to wait till the appliance breaks down to call us. If your fridge gasket is damaged, ask our techs in Gloucester to replace it. In a different case, your appliance will waste energy and won’t work well.

  • Installing major appliances

Dryer, washer, stove, or oven installation must be done correctly. Do you know how many appliance problems happen due to improper installation? Rest assured that our experts are certified and up to date trained to install any new major home appliance.

  • Maintenance

With the appliances regularly checked and their problems fixed, you can expect good operation and no energy loss. Our company provides such routine inspections and appliance service at affordable prices.

All services provided by our Appliance Repair in Gloucester are reasonably priced. We just want you to reach out to us and ask our assistance every time one of your home major appliances breaks down or you need help installing the new one. Call us to cover your local home appliance service needs today.

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We Accept All Credit Cards